Fashion business plan to double your sales ( 2021 )

Looking for a perfect fashion business plan to get consistent sales in your fashion brand?

It took me a lot of failures and years of planning to create a Profitable fashion business.

But over the years of creating multiple successful businesses and helping fashion designers build their profitable businesses, I found all you need to have a successful and profitable fashion business plan is answering these 8 questions…

For real, people overcomplicate things but all you need is to just answer these 8 questions. 

And that is the secret sauce to explode your fashion business like you always dream of.

Today You will learn:

  • How to create your fashion business plan with these 8 questions.
  • How to plan your profitable year in your fashion business.

You will walk away with a clear picture of how to get more sales and how you can grow your fashion business this year.

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Fashion business plan to audit your fashion business and fashion marketing plan to get consistent sales this year in your fashion brand

Fashion Business Plan: How to create your fashion business for consistent sales

Fashion business plan to audit your fashion business and fashion marketing plan to get consistent sales this year in your fashion brand

I want you to use this section to audit your current fashion business and find any gaps so you can fix them. There is no point trying to fill the cup when the cup has leaks right?

These 8 questions are non-negotiables. If you don’t know any of these answers, you should pause and try to find answers. 

Fashion Busines Plan: #1 Who are your people?

If you say, everyone. That’s step one of failure. Everyone is welcome to buy from you but primarily, you need to pick a group to attract. Just imagine a big stadium filled with people and you are yelling “hey everyone… buy from me. I got clothes for everyone”. 

Now, how many people will actually notice you… No one right? Even if they did, they ignore you. 

For real our life is like a busy stadium. People are so busy with their jobs, family, friends, and tons of other stuff going on in their life. It was so hard to grab their attention. 

Instead imagine you went to a small group of people in that stadium and said, “Hey mama, are you not feeling confident with your clothing after you have your kid? Well, we can help you get in shape but we actually can make you look pretty in our clothing.” 

Now, how many people will get your attention? Every single mom out there… right?

That’s the power of the niche. If you are still trying to sell everyone, pause for a moment, and define your ideal customer.

Couple of tips to choose your people are:

  • Look at your past customers that you absolutely loved working with. Pull all the qualities you like from them to define your person.
  • Your ideal person is not broke and has money and willing to buy. End of the day you are the business. If people don’t have money, how can they even purchase?
  • They are easy to sell. They are not really particular with every nagging detail. Eventually, you start to hate working with these people.
  • You love working with them. This is important. You only can put your heart into your business only when you love your people. This person should be like your best friend.

Fashion Busines Plan: #2 Where do they hang out?

Once you identify who your person is, figure out where they hang out. 

  • What youtube channels they watch, 
  • which social media they are on most, 
  • What blogs or magazines do they read
  • What groups are they part of

You can absolutely survey your past customers and find out this information. Or If you are new, search for groups inside social media to find answers.

Ultimately this information helps you get in front of them. Either you can buy ads from these places or do some guest interviews or guest posts later to attract those people.

Fashion business plan to audit your fashion business and fashion marketing plan to get consistent sales this year in your fashion brand

Fashion Busines Plan: #3 What do they need?

This is super important. Most people design clothes and then figure out who wants to buy them, But that’s totally opposite to how it’s done. This is why most people fail in their fashion business.

You need to really understand your personality and create designs that solve their problems. Think of what your ideal person needs in her wardrobe and see which pieces can you create. If she goes on vacation every year, Why not make a travel clothing line? 

Fashion Busines Plan: #4 What is your offer?

What most people do is, directly start with launching a clothing line.

But the problem is, that you need a lot of funding upfront and you cannot guarantee if that collection will be successful. Which is totally a risk. 

Instead, I recommend beginning with one small product and automating the process of selling it, so it keeps funding you for your collection and your business.

Fashion Busines Plan: #5 How do you get in front of them?

This is where you leverage social media channels. Choose one platform and use that to get in front of your customers. Alternatively, you can use Facebook ads, Instagram ads, or Pinterest ads to make things faster but that involves a little budget.

Pull the places from question 2 and do some guest posts in those places.

The whole idea is to get in front of your people and get them into your email list.

Fashion Busines Plan: #6 How do you connect with them?

Now you have them in your email list, this is where you keep in touch with them, educating them about your products, providing value, and building relationships with your audience.

Fashion Busines Plan: #7 How do you sell them?

This is all about which platform do you sell?

How do you sell without being salesy?

This is where people go wrong by spamming people with their product links inside groups and all that lame stuff. I promise there is a better way. I will show you step by step here.

Fashion Busines Plan: #8 How can you make them buy from you again and again?

This is all about delivering excellent customer service and turn your customers into raving fans, so they can buy from you again and again. 

You need to build your relationship with them because always remember “ People always like to buy from the people they like”. 

Fashion business plan to audit your fashion business and fashion marketing plan to get consistent sales this year in your fashion brand

But what if you don’t have answers to these?

You got 2 options…

Once you know all these questions, This is how you plan to grow your fashion business each year.

Moving on to the next section

Fashion Business Plan for the profitable year 2021

Fashion business plan to audit your fashion business and fashion marketing plan to get consistent sales this year in your fashion brand

Over the years, I have seen people who get totally overwhelmed by tons of projects that they have no time to complete. Or the people who do all the things but see no growth in their business and they don’t even know where their time goes…

If someone tells me that I don’t have time, It’s probably the lack of planning.

Not knowing what time they actually have and instead of prioritizing with projects that get results, they overcomplicate by doing all things.

If you are struggling with time and getting growth in your business, we were gonna end that today.

Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to create your most profitable year in your fashion brand.

  • Download the Free Fashion Marketing Planner here to create your perfect fashion business plan for the next 3 months
  • I want you to get started by your big money goal you wanna accomplish this year. Note it down.
  • Brainstorm all the projects that help you accomplish that goal. Just dump all the ideas on paper.
  • Pick top 3-4 projects that are easy to implement and bring you big results and you have enough resources to make them happen.
  • Now think of what education You might need to accomplish that goal and make note of them and think of how much time you need to learn it and block that time in your calendar.
  • Now track your day like make a list of all the things you do in a day by hours. Like 6 am wakeup, 6.30 breakfast, etc… and look where you find time to do your work and where you can pull time from your day to add more to your work. Get practical on how much time you actually have in your day.
  • Review your projects and see if those projects fit the time that you have in your day. This is where you get real and make the decision whether or not to go for that project or take more time for that project or hire help to make that project.
  • Now put each project one per quarter.
  • Start with one quarter and break that project into milestones and tasks that you can check off. Give the estimated time for each task.
  • Put them in your monthly calendar. You should know what you need to do each day throughout this quarter. Feel free to add some blank days, so you can catch up if you are sick or something happens. Make note of learning days, holidays, or important personal events and holidays.

And there you have it…

The perfect action plan without any overwhelm and you know by accomplishing these can get you to your goal that you never regret.

If you want to stop chasing customers and instead want them to find you, Come join me inside the Fashion Marketing Bootcamp. By the end of this training, you will have a super clear plan to double your sales in your fashion business. 

All you need to do is click here and get started.

Fashion business plan to audit your fashion business and fashion marketing plan to get consistent sales this year in your fashion brand

So here’s the action steps:

Author: Lekha

Starting a fashion business takes a lot of courage and you did it. That was a huge step in confidence. Figuring the rest? Not a piece of luck or magic… It's just the numbers game and you can figure it out. After a handful of failures and successes and after helping hundreds of fashion designers to grow their fashion startups, I found the only reason behind failure is… You don't have a plan or strategy to get your product found to the people. You don't have a plan to convert those people to sales, You don't have a solid business foundation and you need to plug any leaks, You don’t have a plan to make your customers buy from you again and again... That's exactly what I can help you with… To build your audience, to get more sales, make an impact with your fashion empire 👑…

2 thoughts on “Fashion business plan to double your sales ( 2021 )

  1. Ann Eburajolo says:

    Well done Lekha, you are doing a great job. These training sections are inspiring. What about I say my niche is women clothing . I want to meet the needs of women who like to buy clothes from Uk, Us etc.

    1. Lekha says:

      Thank you so much… Women’s clothing is a broad niche… you need to niche down to what time you are designing for, occasion, occupation, place, and age…
      if you talk about complete women’s clothing that also includes from loungewear to sportswear and intimates, maternity and a lot of many things… just narrow down…


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