A Little Girl And Her Fashion Brand Story

A true fashion brand story…

Marketing a clothing line: Learn how a little girl grow her passion to become a fashion designer into a fashion brand. Inspiring story for fashion entrepreneurs and clothing brand plus learn how fashion brand marketing strategy.

Once there was a little girl who is happily living with her family and loves dressing dolls and enjoys little crafts for her doll.

In her perfect small world, something happened…

A creative itch…

An itch to become a fashion designer when she grows up.

After explaining to her parents a million times why it is not tailoring or modeling… and listening to all pep talks of neighbors and relatives why it’s a poor choice and why either engineering or doctor is the only best careers, she decided not to give up!

Then the search began…
for more information and guidance.

Spending hours on the internet, asking google a million questions like

  • how to get started
  • What knowledge does she need
  • what courses to take and on and on and on…

Finally the moment of graduating from fashion college with a lot of hope, passion, and excitement, She started her journey to start her own fashion brand!

It isn’t easy though…

After a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, She finally launched her brand!

It was the moment she felt like she reached the top of the mountain, She was so happy that she accomplished her biggest goal ever. It was like a dream come true moment.

But what she didn’t realize was, it’s just the beginning! The real journey is way ahead…

The journey to survive that brand and make it successful.

Unfortunately, she isn’t prepared for that. In fact, she has no idea…

” Give her a fabric, she turns it into a beautiful style that you haven’t seen, but give her a garment she doesn’t know how to get it in front of people and get it to people’s wardrobe”

Not even a single class in college taught her!

She felt guilty and embarrassed to ask for a sale.

Within a few months, her business couldn’t survive.

Piled up with debt, She was stuck in a job that she never expected and hated it to hell.

She was scared, not prepared to leave her passion behind… Tears rolled down until there’s nothing left.

She couldn’t sleep watching her band fell apart… Hoping some magic will happen with countless prayers.

In her miserable job life, as she wrapped up her passion, something happened that she never expected.

A book came into her hands called “Emyth”…

With a million why’s he was asking herself every single day in her mind, She found those answers in that book…

The weight on her shoulders suddenly felt relieved…

The passion that she was trying to hide, burst out in happy tears.

And the next thing she knew, she wanted to start all over again… The Fashion Brand!

And then the second phase of her fashion brand story begins…

Up until now, she believed making amazing designs on affordable prices are all enough to get floods of customer waiting on a cue.

When it didn’t work, she blamed that she was not enough and not worthy.

Now she realized the key is in the customer journey.

A journey of:

  • getting her brand in front of the right people so they know it exists.
  • Making them Visit the store
  • Covert those visitors buy from her
  • Get those buyers come back and buy again and again
  • cultivate those buyers into fans and create community

The epiphany she had at that point is business is less of emotions and more of concepts, strategies, and tactics.

At that moment she decided to fill her empty knowledge bucket of fashion marketing. Attended every events, courses, trainings, books until she felt confident enough.

She knew learning how to drive a car doesn’t mean she can drive a car… It’s about getting better at driving. She decided to become a better driver.

With all the knowledge backed up, She started exploring every single concept, testing, failing, not giving up but trying again until she finally see the profits.

All she wanted at this point is a brand that pays for itself.. an extra $100 a month.

It felt hard as she gets started but when she combined knowledge with practice, she hit her first $100, followed by the first $1000, $10000 within few months…

Holy crap!!! Happiness overloaded.

It’s not the money that made her happy though! it’s watching her passion alive… the confidence that tells her that she can… Self-approval of what’s possible when you commit.

From a girl playing dress-up and dreaming of becoming a fashion designer to starting her brand and actually making money from that brand…

It was the moment everything felt alive…

She was empowered with confidence and never turned back.

Stepping into phase 3 of her journey…

Watching her profitable for a couple of years, attracted her friends asking for advice on their own brands, followed by friends of friends…

Even before she knew it, she was spending her whole day helping other fashion brands get the success that she achieved. Watching their smiles, she felt emotional remembering her journey, she felt how nice would it have been if she had that helping hand when she was struggling.

At that moment she decided to continue to be a helping hand and started consulting other passionate fashion brands, being their fashion brand strategist.

Every single day, she gets the opportunity to learn new things and test them right away and share what’s working with other people…

She felt so blessed and wanted to share her knowledge with the whole world to help hundreds of fashion brands to shorten their success path.

And that’s how Project Fashion Empire was born.

Yes, this is My Story…

I’m Lekha, I live in India with my husband and 2 little boys…

I dedicated my whole life to reach my passion and help those to reach their passion.

I’m the little girl who began with dress-up dolls to create a profitable fashion brand and grew into a fashion Business Strategist and now I live at Project Fashion Empire, creating tools and resources, teaching strategies and concepts to help other fashion brands.

Every step along the way, I was been told, I’m just a woman, I have seen failures, a lot of hiccups, tears, and sacrifices along the way.

I remember curling my toes to pay bills and survive my business. I have seen the darkness in every corner.

At the same time, I have seen what’s possible when applied the right strategies to overcome every hurdle and just moving forward…

I Never got started with a perfect solution, Instead, I focused on overcoming one step at a time that turned into a snowball effect.

One thing I want you to take away from this is…

Even though you may not see it or feel it, if you keep moving, you will reach your goals!
Just keep moving no matter what!

Your Fashion Empire is out there, waiting for you…

You just have to go find it.

With your passion, strategy, and the right tools combined, You are limitless!

You got the passion and allow me to fill in the strategy and tools for you…

To wrap this up, I wanted to know where are you in your fashion brand journey? I love to hear your dreams, emotions, and goals.

Whether you are trying to make your first $100 or have already seen the success and want to scale… You can share below in a judgment-free zone…

Looking forward to reading your comments…

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Author: Lekha

Starting a fashion business takes a lot of courage and you did it. That was a huge step in confidence. Figuring the rest? Not a piece of luck or magic… It's just the numbers game and you can figure it out. After a handful of failures and successes and after helping hundreds of fashion designers to grow their fashion startups, I found the only reason behind failure is… You don't have a plan or strategy to get your product found to the people. You don't have a plan to convert those people to sales, You don't have a solid business foundation and you need to plug any leaks, You don’t have a plan to make your customers buy from you again and again... That's exactly what I can help you with… To build your audience, to get more sales, make an impact with your fashion empire 👑…

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  1. Hisana Fathima says:

    Mam, I am Hisana Fathima. YOUR STORY IS VERY INSPIRING. I hope I can be a successful fashion designer like you and showcase my ideas to the world. I hope you see this message and reply to me soon as far as possible.


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