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Did you Know, Content Equals $$$

Dear Fashion Brand..., Whether you realized or not, content is everything in your fashion brand.

By content, I mean...

>> Every single image you put on social media

>> Every word that you put out there. The captions, the blog post, text on images, the posts, ads, tweets, and emails, etc…

>> Every single video like stories, reels, Youtube or audio like podcast…

Basically content is how you communicate to your people build awareness, engagement, and revenue. 

Imagine your brand is a person, your content is the voice…

But the problem is winning this content game is being consistent.

And to be consistent, You need tons of ideas...

But How?

Spending endless hours researching and scrolling the Internet or pushing your mind to give you the creative ideas...

That really works but you only have a minimum time per day…  and You already have an endless to-do list to take care of…

What if you hire someone to do that?

Well it’s gonna cost way more dollars and an extra expense is even more stressful…

But How Do We Fix It?



To save you money, save you from stress and to save you time with a huge ROI.

This kit helps you plan year's worth of content in just couple of hours!!

You will Get:

100 Virtual Content Cards (Valued $37)

These are virtual cards with content prompts. You can pull a random card and use the prompts to create posts. You don’t have to think about what to post on social media again… These card will tell you.

The Ultimate Content Generator (Valued $47)

Because your brand has a voice, speaking anything and everything does not convert to sales. It’s about speaking the right message to right person at the right time. And I’m going to show you how in this Ultimate content generator. To create endless topics to talk about that converts to sales so you don’t have to worry about running out of content ideas..

After you go through this guide book, You will have at least 1-5 years worth of content ideas. in just an hour

15 Social Media Graphic Templates
(Valued $27)

Now you have content ideas, it’s time to turn them into posts and I got your back! 

You will get 15 social media templates inside the kit. Not just any social templates, these are designed by professional graphic designer and the best part is, these are the best converting graphics out of 893 graphics that we tested. Real gold here..!

The Ultimate Content Planner Tool
(Valued $29)

Once you have your content, it time to put them in a planner and spread the content through out your months or years. This content planner tool helps you do that. 

The best thing about this planner is you can easy move things. If things didn’t go as you planned, you can definitely move things around and make new plans super easily.

Not just that, You will get a Video walk through on how to use all of these tools to streamline your process so you don’t get stuck.

The Total Value of This Kit is $140

You can Grab it for $7

(Limited time only, Price goes to $27 Soon)

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