Dear Startup Fashion Entrepreneurs,

How To Go From Hustling To Getting Consistent Customers In Your Fashion Brand… (Without Feeling Stuck And Stressed)…

… Even If You Have No time, No Marketing Degree, No Huge Marketing Budget.

Hey everybody! Welcome to this training. This is Lekha from

 Did you know that 4 out of 5 brands fail within the first 24 months?

The truth is…

  •  Building an fashion brand Is Easy (That’s Why Many People Start)
  • Making It Profitable Is Not (That’s Why So Many QUIT!)

And this is what this training is all about

Now I’m guessing for a lot of you this is probably not your first webclass. The first thing I want to mention is that if you tried a lot of things in the past and it didn’t work, it’s not your fault. There’s a lot of information out there, and it can be confusing. Many times that information overload keeps you from success. It’s okay.

 You can do this. You just need the right person to explain it to you.

Most people tell you that you need a lot of venture capital or some fancy college degree to be successful. I’m here to tell you they’re wrong.

 I know you have a dream to be successful and make an impact

and I want to show you how to make that happen during this training.

 This Training is for

  • Startup fashion brands,
  • Fashion retailers,
  • Online clothing store,
  • Independent fashion designers,
  • Fashion entrepreneurs,
  • Fashion designers

who are struggling to get consistent sales or not seeing any growth in your business.

In the next few minutes, I’m going to show you my proprietary frameworks that will make it simple for you to achieve that result.

Don’t forget! At the end of the webinar, I’m going to give you a secret link where you can download a workbook of everything I’m going to show you today so stick around. I promise it will be worth your time.

 I know there are distractions all around us, but this strategy I’m about to share can change your life. I don’t want you to miss a single crucial step. So please, make a commitment to stay focused.

Close out of Facebook. Stop checking your email. Turn off your cell phone. Give me your complete attention.

You’re probably wondering why I’m qualified to teach on this topic. Here’s my story:

In the past 5 years I’ve had an amazing chance to work with hundreds of fashion designers consulting them and helping them achieve the results and reaching their dreams, but it wasn’t always that way. In fact, i’m just a mess a few years ago.

Ever since im a kid i’m more interested in arts and crafts than on any subjects. I learned fabric painting and embroidery in summer school and started painting my own tees with my favorite cartoon characters. And with the help of my art teacher, I participated in a local exhibition and I made my first dollars doing what I enjoyed.

As a kid watching my dad leaving for work first thing in the morning and watching him so tired by the time he was home. I always thought making money was so hard. But suddenly everything changed

I really fell in love with the process and really excited for doing things that I love and making money from it.

That’s when I decided that when i grow up i wanna become a fashion designer and start my own boutique and be my own boss.

I imagined a place that was nice and polished with high end customers and couture gowns.

I told my parents about my idea and they were not happy.

They told me this is just a hobby and I should go for something professional like a doctor or an engineer.

Few years later I graduated from one of the top fashion colleges in our country. Yup i had to fight with my parents for a while.

The next thing i know i wanted to start my own fashion brand…

But the thing is, i don’t know anything about business stuff and deep down i was literally nervous and i’m afraid what if i don’t be successful? If things went bad how can i face my family

But still I decided to go anyway. So instead of going alone, I partnered with one of my friends who is a designer too.

Sure enough we rented this beautiful place, we loaned a lot of money, stocked up with fabrics, machines, and employees. It was like a dream come true… but we have no strategy at all and no guidance.

Fast forward 6 months later, we have zero bank balance, we couldn’t pay rent or for employees.

And my friend stopped showing up or lifting my phone and dumped all the debt on me.

It was the time where I felt like I was carrying a huge weight that I can’t even stand up. I looked like a failure and felt like my world was the end.

I had to close my business.

I regretted that I should have listened to my parents and business is not for me.

I was feeling like locking myself in my room and didn’t wanna come out but on the other side I had to deal with this huge debt so I got stuck in a job to clear the debt.

Few months later as i was in a bookstore, i found a book called e myth, as i looked at it that subtitle literally got my attention. It says why most businesses fail!

As I was flipping through those pages I was nodding for every single sentence.

I started understanding the foundation of business, the core concepts and how it works. I spent 2 hours completing that book and taking notes, and the next thing i know, i wanted to start a business! All over again!

But the problem is, I have zero investment for materials or to set up a store.

After weeks of brainstorming, I decided to go for kids wear because they don’t require a lot of materials.

Because  I can’t afford to produce in multiple sizes, so I chose to go for first birthday gowns.

I still have no money to start a store. I did some research and decided to sell on amazon.

Selling on amazon is so great! You just list the products and they promote for you without you lifting a finger. But when I got that payment, my heart was totally broken, I only got a small percentage of sales.

Any amazon sellers here? You guys know right?

Amazon charges are unexpectedly way too high. Even though I’m getting sales every single day, I wasn’t making any profit. That’s when I decided I needed to take them out and start my own online store.

As I reached a developer, he said it’s gonna cost around $1000. It was back then when shopify didn’t exist and if you wanted to upload an image into a website, we needed to call him and he did some crazy coding.

It was so scary since i don’t have that money. I was thinking to drop off but then i told myself like one last time, if it doesn’t work, i just wrap things up and just focus on my job.

Instead of paying the debt, I invested that money on a website and launched my second line.

I reached out to local photographers, event planners, beauty parlour, baby care centers and asked if they can spread a word with their clients and I will pay them some percentage on each sale. Most people didn’t respond and few people said yes…

People started visiting my store and eventually sales started rolling in. It was such a successful business that I was able to clear all my debt that year.

Right when everything seems great, I realize I’m not into kids’ wear. So i sold that business to one of my friends who is already doing kids wear.

I moved on to the next business, followed by a few failures and learning, experimenting and evolving. I came to a point where starting a fashion business felt like a piece of cake and my success became Predictable.

Each and every step along the way is a new realization.

I started documenting my process throughout the time. Adding things that worked and deleting things that didn’t work.

Fast forward not only I had successful businesses, I started consulting other fashion business owners with my exact process to grow their fashion businesses.

I call my process the GEMECASH system. The exact process that i learned over the years and also, other designers used and witnessed their success. It’s the same system that you can plug into your business and watch your business grow.

The thing that lights me up is when I become a part of other fashion designer’s passion and dreams. Watching them reaching their goals. Not everyone goes with their passion, but you did.

I know what it is like when you have no support. When other successful fashion designer friends are secretive to share any of their knowledge.

I don’t have a marketing or business degree but I do have real world experience, most importantly the real experiences of failures and overcoming them to success.

I feel so excited to share my system with you today, so you can apply that in your business and see the results and reach your goals.

Most fashion designers are creatives, they can create beautiful clothes that you ever saw but they don’t know how to ask for a sale, this is something they don’t teach in a fashion school.

Most fashion designers start their own boutique and 90% of them fail the first time. Many people don’t dare to start again but 80% people succeed the second time. But what’s painful is only 10% of people try it the second time!!!

This really breaks my heart. My goal is to help you in my full power to get the success you always wanted to keep your passion alive and to guide you to reach your dream.

Here’s what we’re going to cover during the next few minutes or so:

How To Go From Hustling To Getting Consistent Sales In Your Fashion Brand…

(Without Feeling Stuck And Stressed)…

… Even If You Have No time, No Marketing Degree, No Huge Marketing Budget.

  •  #1: Why you are not making consistent sales in your fashion business and how you can fix it.
  • #2: How to create a successful fashion brand even when you don’t have a huge budget or big team or a lot of time.
  • #3: 3 things that are holding you back from your success that you always wanted in your fashion brand and what you can do about it.

Now let’s begin with

Why you are not making consistent sales in your fashion business and how you can fix it.


If you ever feel stuck in your fashion business like not seeing any growth or sales, you probably are missing one or more things in GEMECASH system©

Here’s what one of the students said when she applied the GEMECASH system.

GEMECASH system is all about 8 areas in your business.

Starting from

#1 Hero

By hero I mean your perfect customer.

If you are selling to everyone instead or a particular group of people, you are not gonna see the growth you ever wanted.

Here’s what i mean:

Just Imagine You are in a crowded stadium and you are yelling like “hey people I design

partywear and come buy it… Now how many people are going to hear you and how many will

actually buy from you?

No one right?

Now Imagine Scenario 2, You went to a group of people in that crowd who are new moms and said hey mama, are you losing your confidence because you are out of shape after your kid?

Well, I can‟t help you to slim down, but I can make you look slimmer and beautiful with my

clothes, do you wanna try it?…

Now how many people pay attention to you from that group? Most of them right?

 Bottom line is you have to be super clear about who is the person you are designing for and what message do they respond for?

Once you can figure this out, this becomes the foundation of your successful business.

Now These are not set on stones and you don’t have to be 100% perfect. You are gonna tweak and improve these to accurate data as you are starting to get buyers.

 #2 Brand Message

Once you identify your hero, you need to

  • position yourself as a guide,
  • tell your why and
  • talk in their language.

If you are thinking that you are the hero that serves your people, that doesn’t work. Your role in your business is a guide.

Your hero comes to you with a problem or a desire and it is your job to guide them What they want.

Look at this first brand, they have their logo, their brand title and all brand assets. They are being the spotlight here. And look at the engagement…

Now let’s look at the second page, showing their people and talking about them and building a community. And look at their engagement.

Here in the first page, they are showing themselves as a hero and no one is interested to listen to them.

Second page got more engagement and more likely to purchase their products because they are making the customer hero and offering a solution as a guide.

The moment you stop positioning yourself and start talking about your customer, that’s when those people attract you.

 Second, tell your why…

People connect to you at a deeper level when you tell them the backstory. The backstory of why you created this brand.

I remember as a kid I watched a lot of old movies with my parents, later they made a movie about one of the popular actress biographies. After watching that biography movie, every single time when I see those old movies, I look with new eyes and pay more attention to her.

It’s kind of like a connection that I build with her because I know her story. Let me show you an example.

Let me show you this website

They sell makeup lines for women. Nothing special right? You just see some cosmetics here and nothing special.

Now let’s look at this video

Watch Our Story | BOOM! by Cindy Joseph

And this is how this website is born. Because you watched that video and heard their story, your perspective about this brand changes. And if you ever came across this brand anywhere you are more likely to remember it.

Like oh that lady, the model, the silver hair and all that stuff right?

 The fact is people don’t remember your products but people do remember your stories and stories remind them about your product.

So if you want to make that connection with your people, You need to tell your story of why.. It doesn’t have to be fancy or a long one. It’s just like you are talking to your friend,  take your phone and find a place where you have lots of light and just record. Share that in your blog or social media or email every single month.

 Third is to speak their language.

I wanna show you this conversation with one of the designers who is my client.

A few weeks before, we were working on her fashion brand. She sells beautiful high end gowns for kids. That type of gowns were so famous in that place but no one visited her store from those ads she was spending a lot on. We were trying to find out why.

We thought maybe if we speak with the past customers and ask why they purchased, maybe we can emphasize that message. So we called and spoke with a few people and then I noticed something. They were calling those products like embroidered party frocks.

So that’s it!

Here’s the thing. People are searching for embroidered party frocks on google and she was targeting beautiful high end gowns. So that message is not connecting with their people. People are not understanding it. When she changed her words, here’s the results. She gets more found, people understand her products and they buy.

Keep talking to your customers, do surveys and listen to what they speak. Note those words and use them in your marketing or social media.

#3 Capture

Few months ago i got this email from one of the bloggers that I like,

She put all her time, energy to grow her instagram account to 100k followers and her business literally depended on that and one day when she woke up, it was gone! Literally gone! She reached support a million times, but no one helped her.

All her effort, time, money was gone overnight.

Scary right, just imagine if that happens to you. Our business will literally break up in just a night.

 Social media is amazing but guess what, it’s not something that you own. We are literally posting content on someone else’s website. You can get blocked, deleted or spammed anytime.

And this is why you need to gather your followers to a platform that you own and have full control of. And this is where an email list comes in.

You need to concentrate on building your email list so you can contact them anytime you want and talk about anything you want.

Statistics says every dollar that you spend on email marketing you get 44 dollars back.

People are more likely to buy products through emails than social media. People are on social media for fun, to browse, engage but not likely to pull their credit cards and buy stuff.

Now how do you get those people to your email list?

Here’s how successful brands do,

They offer lead magnet where you offer something for free and in return you ask for an email address, so you can follow up.

This is exactly what you should do.

If you sell scarves, you can offer 100 ways to style a scarf or you can offer a quiz like which type of scarf suits you. Or one scarf in ten ways.

If Someone signed up to get your freebie about the scarves, obviously they are interested in scarfs. So you can follow up with them with emails and offer them a coupon to buy your products.

Here are some of the freebie types that you can offer:

  • Brainstorm some ideas
  • Create your freebie using word documents or a free program like canva.

 #4 Sales

At some point in my business, I was getting regular sales that was surviving my business expenses but I’m not making more… I was just making base income, no loss, yet no profit.

I was like stuck…

Then I went to a sales event where one of the speakers spoke about sales campaigns… That was one of my biggest aha moments.

When I applied those strategies and tested different ways, I started to notice my income growing and I almost doubled my income in 3 months.

And I’m going to share that with you now.

Does that sound cool?


You usually do basic marketing to bring the traffic and sales and that generates you the baseline revenue. And we don’t want to be stuck there.

Here’s where campaigns come in.

Campaigns build the next layer of revenue in your business.

Campaigns are basically you promote something for a time period.

Which means,

For those who are in your email list and didn’t purchase any of your products, you run an email promotion each month just to convert those non buyers to buyers. You can offer discounts and special sales. This type of campaign lasts 3-5 days.

Not everyone is going to buy it but some people will definitely buy. More importantly you are acquiring a customer. The first sale is always the hardest one and from there people are more likely to buy more.

Second campaign is for all of your past customers, you focus on making them buy more. Basically you put a product on offer like adding a free gift, bundles or discounts and invite them to purchase. This longs for 3 days to a week. This can be on social media or email or all together.

And then every quarter you run a big promotion. This campaign runs for a week or two.

One big holiday promotion per year. What was the biggest holiday that your people will celebrate? This is the time you run that one big promotion.

On top of the campaigns, there were launches, this is where you release new products. Make sure to include at least 1 launch per year.

Overall you can layer campaigns and launches to bring additional revenue in your business.

 So you have

  • 1 non-buyers campaign each month
  • 1 buyer campaign
  • Quarterly big campaign
  • Annual holiday campaign
  • Launches

All these together helps you reach your financial goals.

Again you don’t have to do all of them. Do what you can in your power and slowly add things. You only need to build one year’s worth of campaigns and you can rotate them each year.

Now you know types of campaigns but what goes into a campaign?

There are 4 phases in any campaign. No matter how many days you run the campaign, you need to go through all of these phases.

1 Tease phase:

tell them something is coming. Just like announcing a movie title.

Most people send an email today like flash sales only for 24 hours. But the thing is people don’t check emails every single day. Some people might check but not everyone. It takes a week to fully open your email. So you are losing your money there.

So you need to tell them beforehand like I’m working on some offer and I can’t wait to share with you all…

Share your behind-the-scenes and get people excited.

2 Pre-sales

This is where you send people to the waitlist. This offer is happening on this day and if you sign up for the waitlist you have these benefits.

During this pre sale phase, you need to overcome all the objections that people might have about your offer.

For example, if you sell jeans, your common objections could be

  • my thighs look big or
  • I’m not comfortable in tight clothes.

So your job is to overcome those objections with content like

  • how to make your thighs look slim in jeans
  • How to wear jeans when you have big thighs

You should get as many people on your waitlist in this phase. Most of your convincing and selling happen in this phase. By selling, I mean joining the waitlist. When people join your waitlist, they are telling you that they are ready to buy.

3 Sales

This is where you open the cart and put that offer out. And make as much noise as you can.

You show up everywhere on emails on social media and remind people about your offer.

This is where you answer last-minute questions, and remind your cart is open.

4 Post-sales

This is where you sit down and review your promotion, look at

  • what worked and
  • what didn’t
  • What can you repeat
  • What can you make better

Next time you do a promotion, you refer to this sheet and pull ideas from this.

#5 Attract

This is all about attracting people to your brand.

The other day, my kid, he is 2 years old trying to drink water, he is trying to fill the glass with water and it’s not filling and he started a tantrum. When I checked, I noticed the glass was broken. He can’t fill water unless that glass is fixed right?

That’s exactly with the traffic, before you bring in awareness for your brand you need to make sure your products are presented in a way for sales to happen.

If your website is broken and not primed for sales, it’s no different than that broken glass. You need to fix it before you even think about traffic.

But how do you present your product for sales?

It’s all about 3 things in your product page!

Do people understand clearly about the product and it clarifies every single question they have? Use the faq, make the images clear in different views, give clear descriptions.

The second is to show the ownership benefits. Like what it is to own that product and wear it.

A lot of people on their product pages, just tell the features like

  • It’s made of 100% cotton

But what is it for me?

You need to tell like

  • It’s made of 100% cotton so that you can stay comfortable all day long.

You need to Tell the benefits in your descriptions

And you shouldn’t be telling the general benefits, it’s not gonna help. That was so lame.

You should dig into your customer needs.

Each person is different.

  • If I’m a job person you should tell me so that you can stay comfortable at work all day long
  • If I’m a stay-at-home mom, you should tell me, so that you can play with your kids and handle the household without worrying about getting sweat.
  • If I’m a student, you should tell me that not only can you stand out from the crowd but stay comfortable too.

Every person is different, and you know your customers and you should know what your customer is looking for. And state that benefit.

But what if you don’t know that? Do the survey, talk to your customers and ask your people.

Third, make it exciting.

  • Show your customer images wearing your products. People get really excited when you show other people wearing your products.
  • Think of a branded hashtag, so people can upload their images wearing your products.
  • Think of a way to encourage your audience to post your products in use images and put them on your product pages.

So that’s the foundation before you even think of bringing the traffic.

When it comes to traffic, most people either spend a lot on ads and get broke or if they don’t have a budget, they keep spamming social media…

None of them works!!


There is a thing called traffic temperatures.

  • Hot
  • Cold
  • Warm

Hot traffic is the people who are your customers. They already purchased something from you. So they already know you.

You can directly ask these people to buy your products through email.

Second is the warm audience, they signed up for your freebie but not yet made any purchase. These people are aware of your brand and they have some objections to purchase from you.

So your job is to clear any questions or objections they have about your product and show them reviews or other people’s images wearing your products. These people might like your page or follow you on social media. You can use social media posts and emails to clear those objections.

Cold audiences are people who are not aware of your brand but they do need your product in general but not necessarily from your brand. These are the people who you see in other groups or your competitors. You can reach them through ads or by inviting these people to sign up for your freebie.

This is how it all works.

What most people screw up is placing ads for cold audiences directly to their products. And they broke up.

Instead, when you are Targeting a cold audience, you need to ask them to take the freebie. And then ads will work.

Or people screw up by wasting time posting a bunch of product images and spamming on Facebook groups and wondering why people are not coming to your store.

You can’t ask a stranger who you just met to buy your products, it’s creepy and no one likes it. You need to introduce yourself to them, talk to them for a while and ask for a coffee which is your freebie. You need to build that relationship before you ask for a sale.

Figure out what temperature you are talking to and deliver the right message.

Another thing i wanna talk about traffic is, a lot of people just try to be on every social media platform and guess what, overwhelm.

Your marketing needs to be simple.

You need to have one primary social channel that you engage every single day and a secondary social channel that you schedule things like once a month and forget about it.

For example, think of

  • Instagram as primary and Facebook ads as secondary that you can set once and forget. Or
  • Facebook as primary and schedule on Instagram as secondary

Think about where your people hang out and what platforms that you love to be part of and what you already know or that don’t require a lot of time or investment to learn.

 #6 Excite

One of my best successful businesses is 1st birthday gowns.

I used to spend a lot on ads and I really got a satisfied pool of customers who trust me.

But the biggest mistake is they can only buy from me one time. Because the first birthday only comes once unless they have a second child at that age, they can’t buy from me again.

Let’s just say if I’m spending $10 for each customer and I get $30 back, I make a $20 profit.

In order to make that $20 I need to consistently work and spend money to acquire that customer.

Now, what if I spend $10 and they purchase for $30 and then on the next month they purchase for $60 and then again and again?

I literally make a lot of money and don’t have to work hard or spend to get more and more people to my store.

And that’s the power of repeated buyers.

But how can you do that?

That’s when again email marketing comes in!

Making your customers excited, making them purchase again, and all that good stuff.

When I first realized how important email lists are, I created so many cool freebies and promoted them so hard and within 3 months I got over 10,000 people on my email list.

I just thought this is the time, statistics say 1% of your email list will convert.

Meaning if I send an email asking for the sale, at least 1% of people will buy my product. So 100 people will buy from my 10k list.

I sent an email and I got 2 sales and half of the people complained about it as spam, 20% percent of people unsubscribed. Due to a lot of spam, my email account was blocked by my service provider.

Honestly, I have no idea of what just happened. I have done nothing wrong right?

I did a lot of research and figured out that money is not on the email list.

Money is in the engaged email list!!!

I was only concentrating on building the list but I was not at all engaged with that list.

And then people didn’t remember me.

You guys building a list is one side of the coin and making that list not to forget you is another side of the coin.

And this is why you need to send an email every single week and deliver value.

Yes, Some people just unsubscribe, a few might flag you spam but most people stay, which means they are telling you they are interested in you.

It was your job to keep that relationship and deliver value to them.

You might be thinking like what do I even send emails about?

Ask them! They will tell you.

Every 3 months we send an email asking what are you struggling with when it comes to blank… Or What questions do you have or how can we help…

People will give you the answers and you just have to answer the solutions and deliver them through email and people start loving you for all your help.

And at the end of every email, you have to ask for a sale. You don’t have to be pushy or sales for this.

Next time you send an email, people feel excited to open it.

Even for your customers, after they purchase something, keep in touch with them, give them discounts, bonuses, gifts.

You don’t need thousands of new people for your brand, you just need to cultivate 1000 true fans that repeatedly buy from you.

And it was your job to make them feel excited and special in your full power. This should be your target.

Bottom line:

  • Ask what your people want and Commit to email your list every single week.
  • Brainstorm ways to make your people get excited. It doesn’t have to be huge things. Think of ways how we make our best friends feel special. Sometimes a simple thank you makes them feel so awesome right?

 #7 Estimate

Just like we need regular health checkups, so we can fix things with medicine or take supplements, your business needs regular checkups to see its health.

And that’s where metrics come in. These are the measurements that you need to keep an eye on and they tell you how your business is doing.

You may do thousands of things in your business but at the end of the day, if you don’t measure what’s working and what isn’t, you may feel stuck.

You always need to check what’s working and you need to do that more to multiply the results.

Your measurements literally tell you whether your business is going towards profit or is it going to lose. Just like a progress report for your effort.

Of course, you can measure so many things like followers, website visits, social media, and all of the things but I’m gonna give you the 5 core metrics that tell you the pulse of your business.

  • Traffic: you need to measure this to see if you are getting a consistent flow of people to your website.
  • Leads: how many new people are opting in to your email list. A good benchmark is 20-30% of your traffic needs to sign up for your email list.
  • Sales: how much revenue are you generating per month and the number of sales and 2-5% of your email subscribers should become your customers.
  • Cost per lead: what was the average cost to acquire a customer?
  • Average Customer Value: this is the total revenue divided by the number of customers. This should be more than the cost per lead. Otherwise, you are not making any profits.

You need to measure these metrics monthly or weekly. Of course, you can stack up with other metrics but make sure not to complicate too much to pull those metrics.

People get all excited with metrics and they make a huge unnecessary metrics list which requires almost a day to fill those. Your metrics should not be more than 10 things and only the most important ones.

Always remember “what you measure is what you grow”

 #8 Goal

So every single year or month we start with ambitious goals and by the end of the month, it’s like “man, i don’t think if i ever reach my goals… How are these people even succeeding?”

Can anyone relate to this?

Yup me too…

I have seen people setting 10,000 dollar goals per month, and instead of thinking about achieving goals, they set other goals like growing Facebook fans, write 20 blog posts, and work hard to fulfill these.

The question is how are you gonna achieve that goal if you work on those side projects?

Does that make sense?

Once you have a financial goal in mind like making $10000 this month, every single project that you think should totally focus on achieving that.

So the first step is to check out the possibility.

  • If you wanna make 10k
  • Your product is $40
  • Then you need to sell 250 units

 Now step 2 is what projects can help you achieve that goal? You need to brainstorm all the possibilities.

  • Reaching influencers and book at least 1 influencer. All it takes is just an email and if one influencer said yes, and they promote your product to their thousands of fans and you can reach that goal in just a couple of days.
  • Or maybe you run ads
  • You do some educational series and nurture your tribe

Pick one or two projects that feel achievable and easy.

 Now step 3 is breaking those tasks into your calendar.

  • Planning without implementation does not take you anywhere…
  • Note down all the steps you need to do to complete that project.
  • Put those tasks on your calendar. And give enough time.
  • If you are reaching influencers, you need at least one to two weeks to contact them and send them your product and have back and forth discussions.
  • It’s not like you reach them today and tomorrow you wrap up the sales. So be realistic. And have enough time.
  • Once you assign those tasks to the calendar, make them a priority. That was your primary focus and you don’t do any other things unless you complete those tasks.
  • Most importantly have catch-up days in between. I like to mark Saturdays as catch-up days. I just catch up on any work that was pending on this day. Things happen like you get sick, kids get sick or some days you just don’t feel like doing any work. So catchup days are life-saving.
  • Finally, if you have any days left on your calendar, you can do other projects like growing followers and all that stuff.

So this is how you reach your goals.

Now that was the GEMECASH system.

I want you to make sure you have all of these things in your business. If you have any leaks or gaps, that’s where you need to focus for the next 3 months.

Here’s the checklist of all the things, you will find this inside the workbook that I’m gonna give you at the end of the presentation.

Before I move into the next section,

So far if you have any questions, drop them in the chat, i will be answering them right away or I’ll answer at the end of the presentation.


How to grow your fashion brand without a huge budget or big team or a lot of time.

By now you are probably thinking, oh my god, this is a lot of work or this needs a huge budget, or this needs a huge team. I don’t have time or I don’t have money…

But guess what?

We spend just 2 hours per month to attract people to our brand and we spend zero dollars for it!

  • Literally, we don’t spend a penny to get people to our brand.
  • We don’t spend a lot of time or hire an employee, we just spend 2 hours per month and that’s all we do to get a pool of people.

And I’m going to share all that stuff with you in a minute


We don’t take any loans or investors or any financial help!

We use a system that automatically generates funding for our business.

And I’m gonna share that too with you in a minute.

So hang tight…

 First about how we spend just 2 hours a month and we get people to our brand for free.

Our magic pill is Pinterest… Pinterest is like google. It’s not just a place for saving inspiration. People come there and search for things.

Here’s how it works:

Here’s how you can use Pinterest to get free traffic.

  • Research keywords related to your brand. When you type a word Pinterest tells you what people are searching for. In these colored tabs.
  • Create a few posts related to those keywords. For example scarf hairstyles: you can create a post on “10 hairstyles using scarf” and link to your product in between.
  • Then create pins using free software called canva. You have tons of ready-to-use templates on canva and all you have to do is copy-paste your title and swap images.
  • Schedule those pins to Pinterest using tailwind software.
  •  If you don’t want to create blog posts, you can even create an educational pins and send them directly to your product.
  •  Keywords are everything on Pinterest, you need to tell Pinterest what is your pin all about. So use the keywords on pin title, pin design, pin description, and Pinterest boards.

And that’s how we do and the results

You can see most of our traffic comes from Pinterest for free.

Now let’s talk about how you can automatically generate funding for your business.

So this girl sent me an email asking me like she can’t invest in one of my programs but she needs it so badly, she asked me if there is a chance that I can give her for free…

I said like no! I didn’t even know if you were ever gonna use it. But if you are serious I can tell you a system and if you do that correctly, you can make that investment in just a month.

And she joined my program later and she was posting her win inside our Facebook group.

And this is the exact system she used,

We offer a freebie in the front end, we drive traffic to it. once someone signup for that freebie, we immediately show them a low-end offer mostly a digital product that doesn’t require any shipping or logistics.

5-10% of people take that offer.

So what happens is, if we offer a $27 product, for every 100 people that opted, 10 people, are going to buy it. So we make $270 on the front end. Then we use that money to fund our business.

We are getting subscribers, we are getting customers, we are also getting funds with this system.

Now, what product should you offer?

Think about what they need before buying your product and think about what they need after they purchase your product or what they need for maintenance of your product.

  • If you sell jeans, think of a jeans design kit.
  • If you design a scarf think of a beginners scarf bundle

Here’s an example of a product:

I want you to look at this product. This is a beautiful card deck called Hermes scarf knotting cards. It’s basically each card telling you how to tie that scarf.

All this takes is just a couple of days to set up with tools like leadpages or click funnels and once it’s set up, everything is on autopilot.


3 things that are holding you back from your success that you always wanted in your fashion brand and what you can do about it.

So this is your goal and here you are. The GEMECASH system gives you the path to reach there. Even if you can see the path clearly, even if you know how to get there,  there are still few things that get in your way that are holding you back from your success.

And that’s what I’m gonna talk about now and how to identify and overcome those blocks.

The first one is, your zone of zenious.

Have you ever heard people keep saying that get out of your comfort zone and that’s where magic happens. And do what scares you.

Well I’m here to tell you the exact opposite!

For example, if i hate being on video and people are telling me to do the video because that’s the future and fast success.

If I try that, I start to get nervous, I would procrastinate to work, each day would be like a chore rather than me feeling excited. That affects my productivity.

Instead of fast success, I lengthen my journey by postponing things.

But instead, if I do the opposite, like things that I love to do, or things that I already know, I look forward to working and I grow faster.

That happens in our education too, we have the same education in school but when you go to college you get to choose your favorite subjects. But what if you were put into subjects you are not at all interested in? That was so bad, right?

The point is, identify what you are naturally good at and things that you love, go deeper into those, and apply them in your business.

Second is the How cycle

Imagine you are driving a car from this place to here.

Your car just stopped, now you have 2 choices,

  • Identify the problem, look for a solution, look at a few tutorials, try to DIY, fail a couple of times, and may or may not finally work.
  • And the other option is to find a nearby repair station, get it fixed.

Now which one is faster and guarantees the results?

The second option right?

But we do the exact opposite in our business. We see Facebook ads work for others and then all of sudden we focus on trying to learn and do it all by ourselves.

The funny thing is we choose this option to save money and we do lose a lot of money on trial and error. Instead, if we just hand over to someone who was doing it every single day and it’s their zone of genius, not only we get results, we don’t lose any money and can save tons of time.

Even if you don’t have a lot of money to hire someone, instead of going for google, go for online courses. We are in the age where you can learn anything in this world without leaving your couch.

These people have already been in your place, done that and doing and it’s their genius zone, they know ups and downs and they will lead you. If you can’t hire someone, this is the fastest way.

Yes google works, but it lengthens your path. You want your goals in a couple of years not decades.

Always remember to shorten the path as much as you can so you can reach your goals faster.

Next time you feel that you need to learn something, identify it and look if you can hire someone from Fiverr, and if you can’t afford it, look for courses on that topic and learn from them.

Trying to DIY is the red dot. Anything that lengthens the path is a red dot. The sooner you identify those and getting out of the loop as fast as you can is the key to your success.

And finally limiting beliefs

This is huge. These are the things that you tell yourself and doubt about your ability and fear about your success or other people’s success.

Here are some of the common beliefs that most entrepreneurs feel. you might have a couple of these or all of them:

  • Someone is already doing this…
  • I’m not good enough
  • I’m not ready
  • I’m not qualified enough
  • No one trusts me
  • I can’t sell because I have no social media following
  • Money is hard to make
  • I’m afraid customers can’t afford my product prices
  • I feel bad that I’m charging my customers
  • Marketing makes me feel sales
  • I don’t have enough resources
  • I don’t know how to do this
  • I don’t know what i want
  • I’m too scared
  • I need someone approval
  • I might fail
  • I don’t feel confident
  • My work isn’t good enough
  • Good things don’t happen to people like me

I want you to know they are all red dots.

They are like a weight on your shoulder that you carry along the way. Things that slow you down.

If any of these happen, I want to remember, no matter what you have to move forward.

It’s your choice whether

  • you wanna carry them and slow down or
  • Identify them as a red flag and tell yourself “that was bad and I put aside and move it anyways”

Identify your fears and create positive affirmations that you tell yourself to move forward.

Make a list of positive affirmations and read them when you feel down and lift up and move forward.

We are entrepreneurs, we are only a few percentages in this world who don’t run away from problems, we lean on those problems to find the solutions and make people’s lives better. We create an impact and change the world for other people. We are the heart-centered entrepreneurs and I’m so proud that you are one of those people to join the fashion empire movement while building your fashion empire and contributing to the world at the same time!

So let me ask you a question…

  • How many of you are excited about what we just talked about?
  • How many of you are feeling a little overwhelmed because we’ve covered so much?

we just got to the 3 secrets on how to get consistent sales for your fashion brand,

You guys I really value your time and I’m not just going to keep going on and on and on…

You know, there’s a lot more content in-depth that I wanna give you but I knew that wouldn’t be possible in a free presentation,

I do have a program for any of you who are still interested and wanna go deeper…

Is it cool if I take a few minutes to tell you about it, you know, to see if it might help!

 Introducing Fashion Empire Accelerator

The only training you ever need for a successful fashion business

Fashion empire accelerator is an 8-week program for startup fashion brands who are so passionate

  • to build your fashion empire without sacrificing your time or being a slave to your business,
  • build an audience without a lot of budget on marketing,
  • get consistent sales without being pushy or salesy,
  • get financial freedom to spend more time with your family or exploring the world or do the things they love.

Unlike getting overwhelmed by 10 different programs for each aspect of your business like Instagram, social media or email, or marketing, Fashion empire accelerator is a complete suite that helps you cut down overwhelm, focusing on the core marketing strategies and simplify the process without compromising on the results.

You will get everything that you ever need to create your profitable fashion empire.

It’s an 8-week program that goes deep into the GEMECASH system. You will get step by step strategy, tools to implement, and the support you need along the process.

Each week we deep dive into one of these areas like

Week 1: Hero Identification system, you will go deep into identifying and understanding your perfect person. This week is all about your business foundation.

Week 2 is about your brand message, we work on turning your online store into a revenue-generating machine. I’m gonna give you my million-dollar website framework that you can plug into your business.

Week 3 is about the Customer capture system, I will be giving you the system to capture customers while paying for itself.

Week 4 is about Get more sales systems. We deep dive into crafting your profitable campaigns.

Week 5 is about the Customer attraction system, This is where we deep dive into getting free traffic to your store

Week 6 is about the Customer care system. This is the exciting phase where you turn people into repeated buyers.

Week 7 is about Estimate, we cover the numbers system. I will show you what you need to measure and reflect on to grow your business towards success.

Week 8 is about Goal, we go over a profitable planning system, by the end of this module, you will have your profitable year plan.

I feel so excited when Most people say they got their investment in that same month…

This program is for passionate startups and emerging fashion brands who are struggling to sell their products.

 This program is not for

  • people who are looking for get rich quick schemes. It needs hard work, focus, and passion to make this happen.
  • This program is not for big brands that are already nailing their business. This program is focused to help startup brands who are struggling to sell their products.

SO when you sign up, You are going to get Fashion empire accelerator, a total value of $3176

As a part of this package, you’re going to get a Fashion Empire Box.

This is a physical box that ships to your home wherever you are in this world with the physical course workbook, other cool surprises, and swag to help you implement the training

Also, you get Fashion Empire planner

This 90 days physical planner (that ships to your home) is your key to day-to-day planning and Keeps you focused to grow your fashion business.

I love writing down things, and I believe whatever we write, we focus and make them come true. So these tools in the box help you implement and stay accountable in every single step throughout the process, saving you a lot of time by pushing away shiny objects.

And I’m just going to send it to you wherever you are in this world. Sounds cool?

So when you sign up, you will get Fashion Empire accelerator valued at $3176

And also you will get Fashion empire box valued at $791

When you invest today, you are also going to get access to Profitable product mastery.

Even if your marketing is so great, if your product is not, you are not going to make it. This training covers complete fashion designing that I learned for 4 years in just a weekend.

One of the students, tatty, took this training. She has no design experience and in just a few months, she is designing bags for a brand. I’m going to give that to you as a bonus.

So once you sign up today, you will get

  • Fashion Empire accelerator valued $3176
  • And also you will get Fashion empire box valued at $791
  • And then Profitable product mastery valued at $997

 Not just that! What if every single month I tell you what to post and when on social media? I’m going to give you a one year membership for marketing monthly membership as a bonus.

I will send you content ideas, a marketing calendar, and cool marketing stuff every single month for the next 12 months. This is huge guys, you never have to worry about what to post or when? I have taken all the hard work and delivered it to you, so don’t have to spend tons of time.

So once you sign up today, you will get

  • Fashion Empire accelerator valued $3176
  • And also you will get Fashion empire box valued at $791
  • And then Profitable product mastery valued at $997
  • Marketing Monthly Membership for 12 months valued at $997

 What if we design your social media graphics?

We have a whole library of social media templates with hundreds of templates, professionally designed by a graphic designer and I’m going to give that to you. All you have to do is just copy-paste your text and images.

Creating your social media posts may take you days but in this library, you can just copy-paste and create your posts in just a few minutes.

If you have to hire a graphic designer, it will cost you more than $1000.

You will get them for free as a bonus.

So once you sign up today, you will get

  • Fashion Empire accelerator valued $3176
  • And also you will get a Fashion empire box valued at $791
  • And then Profitable product mastery valued at $997
  • Marketing Monthly Membership for 12 months valued at $997
  • Social Media Templates Library $997

Not just that… Mind if I over-deliver?

If you are thinking that I don’t have enough time, then this masterclass helps you stay organized and manage your time so you can get more done and still have a lot of time to spend on the things you love. I’m gonna give that to you as a bonus…

So once you sign up today, you will get

  • Fashion Empire accelerator valued $3176
  • And also you will get a Fashion empire box valued at $791
  • And then Profitable product mastery valued at $997
  • Marketing Monthly Membership for 12 months valued at $997
  • Social Media Templates Library $997
  • Productivity powerhouse Valued at $497

And finally,

Here’s the thing, after you complete this training, we gather in June for Annual Planning retreat to audit your current business, Overcoming roadblocks and create a Step by step growth plan. This is kind of like a virtual workshop. You will get that too as a bonus.

 So once you sign up today, you will get

  • Fashion Empire accelerator valued $3176
  • Fashion empire box valued at $791
  • And then Profitable product mastery valued at $997
  • Marketing Monthly Membership for 12 months valued at $997
  • Social Media Templates Library $997
  • Productivity powerhouse Valued at $497
  • Annual planning retreat valued at $997

A total value of $8452

Obviously, I’m not going to charge $8452

But if all this package did was taught you the skills and strategies for building your dream fashion brand that earned you $50,000-$100,000 a year from your laptop, Would it be worth a one time payment of $8452

And if this program shortens the time to reach your goals by half, would a one-time payment be worth it?

And if all this program did was help you get your brand in front of your perfect customers and convert them into consistent sales, would it be worth it?

 Now i got 2 options:

  • Go as cheap as possible or
  • Requires a little higher investment… (more resources to guarantee your success)

I’m not gonna charge that high value but also I don’t wanna make it super cheap

– I wouldn’t have the ability to update it and keep it in as good condition as I wanted with the program. I wanted to keep that quality high

 Now i want to ask you

  • How much does a successful fashion brand worth to you?
  • How much would you pay for that kind of financial freedom to do the things you love in your life?

I spent $60,000 on my college education.

Took me 5+ years to pay it off.

5+ business failures along the way

You don’t have to do it on your own. You don’t have to spend that time or money figuring all by yourself and getting overwhelm or feeling stuck

You can see why this is an amazing deal at $8452

In the near future it’s gonna be $1997 for the general public but…

You guys are here today in this special launch,

you can get started today at  one single payment of $497

But not just that…  I’m gonna give these special bonuses…

Cash Injection Campaign

This is a one-week promotion plan that you can implement every single month in your fashion business to unlock extra income whenever you need it without being salesy.

You will get the strategy, Templates, and implementation guide.

What would this worth to you, if every single time you run this campaign and make extra income? Priceless right?

Second special bonus is 5 Minute Magic sales script.

This is the exact script that we used almost hundred times and we started to see sales roll in.

Use this one sales script to convert those visitors into sales every single time. It works every single time that you launch a product or sell existing products.

Again this is priceless!!!

Only the first 20 people will get these 2 special bonuses.

So once again, here’s everything you get when you enroll:

  • Fashion Empire accelerator valued $3176
  • Fashion empire box valued at $791
  • And then Profitable product mastery valued at $997
  • Marketing Monthly Membership for 12 months valued at $997
  • Social Media Templates Library $997
  • Productivity powerhouse Valued at $497
  • Annual planning retreat valued at $997
  • Special bonus Cash injection campaign valued priceless…
  • Special bonus 2 which is a 5-minute magic sales script that is priceless…

The total value of of this training is $8452+

But you can get started for one single payment of $497

If you start today, imagine how you feel a year from now or 6 months from now when you look back and be like I’m so glad I started that day.

listen, right now you’re trying to make a decision whether or not this program is right for you

let me give you an easy way to make this like smooth for you

Buy today, look at the content, look at the information, get comfortable with the curriculum and then decide based on that if this is the right thing for you then if you decide that it’s not, then you can ask for a refund and that’s fine.

Make a decision with the information you’re going to have rather than the information that you don’t.

Think about your current life and future and ask yourself

“How much is your business important to you?”

We’re talking about your passion, your dreams, financial freedom, your love towards your business.

(Not everyone has it. Only a minute percentage of people in this world are Entrepreneur personality types and the reason you are here today tells me that you are one of them! and You are called to serve.)

 If the answer is, “Well at least 50%…” you can’t afford NOT to be a Successful Brand.

Taking just a bit of that income you spend each month on movies, restaurants, and another pair of shoes…and direct towards an investment that has an ROI potential….unlimited.

 You have 2 choices

  • There’s a package of Fashion Empire Accelerator waiting for you
  • Or you can do nothing. Doing nothing definitely means getting nothing. Life will go on as it is right now

The real question is….Even if it only does HALF of what I’ve claimed today, it will pay for itself within days and weeks.

What I would like you to do next is

I do have a few more frequently asked questions that i get all the time, I’m gonna run through them very quickly…

When will this training start?

After you sign up, we ship you a fashion empire box which takes a couple days to reach you. Once it reaches, we begin with module 1. In the meantime, you will have access to some bonuses in the member’s area for you to go through.

I live in a different country. Will this course work for me?

Yes, it works. It doesn’t matter where you live in this world, you can still access all the materials and we will send you a fashion empire box to your home.

How much time is required?

After you enroll, every single week, a new module will be unlocked and you have one whole week to complete that module. You can spend 2-3 hours per day or you can just sit for a weekend to complete them. I have mostly done all the work for you providing tools and templates to make things super fast and easy for you. However this program will be in your members area and if you feel a little behind (because life happens, family, kids, sick days) you can still catch up on your own timings.

How fast can I expect to see results?

This totally depends from person to person. Some people go super fast while others slow down until everything seems perfect. Every single module gives you a tangible result. If you follow the GEMECASH system, and implement all the tasks, you will start to see the results in 3 months.

What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?

You have 1 on 1 chat support for the 8 weeks with dedicated personal mentors. If you are stuck on anything or need some advice along the program, just send us a message and we help you as much as we can.

Is everything available immediately?

After you enroll, you will unlock one module per week and the bonuses you need. We don’t want you to feel overwhelmed and freeze. And we created the framework in a specific order for better results and we want to make sure you get everything perfect.

How to access the materials?

As soon as you signup, you will get access to the member’s area and this is where all your materials live. You can access them anytime you want.

So that’s it, guys. Thank you so much for joining me today and if you have any questions feel free to drop them below in the comments, I will try to answer as soon as possible.

And as promised, here’s the secret link to download the workbook.

See you inside the program.

Here are the links once again:

Get started with $97 plan


Pay in full and save $85

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