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Are You A Clothing Brand?

Do You Have These 3 Things In Your Fashion Brand?

If you are not seeing any success, it's probably one of these 3 things.

For Clothing Brands who are struggling to get more sales in their fashion business.

(stop looking for outdated strategies on Google or youtube…

You thought designing beautiful and unique clothes is all enough to run a successful fashion business. Just Get your products ready and put a bunch of images on social media and run some ads and you are all set to bring customers and sales!

The Problem?

Month after month, you get to see sales here and there but not seeing the success you want and keep wondering how or when that next sale will happen…

This is exactly what I thought a few years ago.

I was so good at designing but when it comes to business and selling, it makes me feel stressed and I have no clue on the business side. No matter how much googling I did or the books I read, I couldn’t crack the code of fashion business. Maybe you feel the same way?

  • You don’t know what to work on next in your business and feeling stuck…
  • You don’t have an actual plan…
  • You probably get to the point where you feel getting sales and being successful is a matter of luck and you don’t have one…
  • Marketing sounds so overwhelming and has less clarity other than posting on Instagram.

After trying so many solutions and failing my first business, and a lot of embarrassment, I almost gave up with business stuff.

And then I read an article about business which says:

  • About 90% startups fail the first time…
  • About 90% of the businesses get success on the second time… which is super cool but what’ interesting is,
  • 80% of people never takes the second chance…

That motivated me to take a chance and improve my business skills… followed by 3 more failures. But I fell in love with the process and each time, I’m getting improved to find gaps and fix them.

Sure there are lots of books and tutorials out there to learn business but 90% of those strategies are out-dated and never works.

Finally, with lots of trial and error, I figured it out. I started testing and tweaking in multiple niches and they worked too!

And then people started asking me for help to start and grow their fashion businesses.

In time, I became more passionate about the business side than the designing side of fashion and started consulting other fashion businesses full time.

After helping hundreds of fashion designers to grow their businesses, I identified where people are actually going wrong and how to fix them.

Here are the main 3 Pillars in your business:


You need a consistent flow of potential customers to your website every single day. It doesn’t matter what platform you choose. Do you at least have one platform that completely focus on getting traffic to your brand? or are you just putting some random posts out there expecting people to buy from you?

Every single post that you put out there should focus on getting clicks to your website.


Spoiler alert: Sending traffic to your sales page won’t get you any sales, unless you have those raving fans that buy anything that you put.

You need to capture that traffic into your email list and build that relationship with that person and prime them to purchase. Did you know a person need to see your brand 7 times before they decide to purchase from you. Sending directly to your sales page only waste your time and money on marketing.

But why email list? 

Statistics says every $1 spend on email list gives $40 in ROI. 

And upto 10% people buy from your email list compared to social media which is less than 1%.

And for every subscriber you have in your email list, you have a potential to make $1 each month. So if you have 1000 subscribers, you will make $1000 each month.

Beside you don’t have control on social media, algorithm changes every single time, you might even get blocked. But you Own the email list. You can talk to your people when ever you want to.

But how does that work?

Again you need to make sure of 2 things here. 

  • First Getting potential people to your email list. You can do that by offering a freebie in return for their email address. If you sell scarves, think of a pdf “10 ways to tie a scarf”. They sign up for that freebie and you send them the pdf. (don’t worry, you can just completely automate this process)
  • Second is Making sure those leads don’t forget you. This is where you send them a weekly newsletter.


Now you need to convert those leads to sales.
These are the people who are interested in your product but still haven’t purchased from you.
Meaning they have some objections to purchase.

For example, if you sell jeans, she is not buying because she put on the weight and don’t want her thighs to look big.

Now as a brand you need to clear those objections in your product sales page, newsletters and every time you talk with your lead.

For example, You can create content like “10 ways to wear a jeans to make your thighs slimmer” and you can mention and link your product in between.

Now you know the cornerstones, let's look at the numbers

  • 30% of that traffic converts into leads
  • 1-10% of that leads converts to sales

For example, if you got 1000 people who visit your website, 300 people become leads and 30 people turn into customers.

These are the benchmarks!

Look at your numbers and see if you hit these or making more than these. If yes, You are already doing amazing. Just keep doing what you are doing…

If not, Let me help you get there…

Just imagine,

  • Having an actual plan to attract your perfect customer and get them to buy your designs again and again.
  • Getting consistent sales every month and maximizing your profits this year.
  • Stop wondering how or when that next sale will happen
  • Get clarity on what to work on next in your business without feeling stuck


A marketing bundle that helps your get consistent traffic, Attract potential leads and Convert them into happy customers.

This Bundle Includes:

The Foundation:

Fashion Empire Masterclass (Valued at $97)

Before you even work on traffic or leads or sales, you need to make sure you have a solid foundation. And this 1 hour masterclass walks you through the strategy behind Marketing a fashion brand.

You’ll Learn How to:

  • Strengthen your business by setting up the right Business foundation. (So you can have a profitable business right from the beginning).
  • Build Your Product Ecosystem to create profitable products (so you can avoid debt or failure like 80% of fashion startups and stand out from the crowd)
  • Develop Sales Boosting Marketing Mix Formula (So you can Get Floods of customers to your fashion business without spending a fortune on ads.)
  • Create Marketing Campaigns Strategy (So you can avoid the ups and downs cycle in your business and get consistent sales).
  • Create Profitable Planning System that get results (So you can Plan Your Best Profitable Business Year)
  • Develop Savvy Marketing Systems to organize your marketing (So you can create systems for your fashion business that simplifies and saves time in your marketing).


21 days Visibility and Awareness Challenge (Valued at $47)

What if you could get more visibility and more people to your fashion brand every single day?

This is a 21 days challenge to help you build an audience and get more visibility to your fashion brand.

Here’s What You Will Get:

  • Daily Action Plan: Each day you will get a step-by-step action plan to work on that increases your visibility and attract more customers to your brand
  • Implementation Worksheets: You will get worksheets that help you to implement the task right away.


Content Ideas Generator (Valued at $27)

Getting traffic from social media needs a lot of content! Images, video, graphics, ads, and copy.

Sometimes coming up with content ideas can be quite challenging and this guided workbook can help you create endless content ideas in just an hour so you can get customers every single day.

These strategies work for blogging, podcast, or video content.

Leads and Sales:

Email marketing Kit (Valued at $47)

From creating your freebie to setting up the system to generate consistent leads, this kit will helps. It’s packed with templates, scripts and tools to bring leads and convert them to sales.

This Guidebook helps you plan your profitable email calendar that not only build trust and community but convert them to sales.

Leads and Sales:

Content Marketing Kit (Valued at $47)

Yes content is everything but putting some random content out there doesn’t helps! it’s just a waste of labor. If you want to put content out there, it has to bring either traffic, leads or sales. Everything else doesn’t matter.

This kit help you create your content strategy that brings leads and turn them into sales.

The Plan:

Content Planner (Valued at $27)

Once you have all the strategy, you need to lay them into a clear plan so you stay on top of your marketing and have full control of it.
This tool exactly help you with that. A Planner spreadsheet that you can use every single month to create your monthly plan.

All these systems together helps you create and implement the marketing strategy that brings you consistent traffic, leads and sales.

Fashion Empire Masterclass (Valued at $97)

21 days Visibility and Awareness Challenge (Valued at $47)

Content Ideas Generator (Valued at $27)

Email marketing Kit (Valued at $47)

Content Marketing Kit (Valued at $47)

Content Planner (Valued at $27)

A Total Value of $̶2̶9̶2̶

You can get it for $27

This Bundle Won’t be Around Forever…

This offer is a limited-time deal and was only available to students inside my full program (Fashion Empire Accelerator), but for a limited time, we’re making this training available to the public.

Total Risk Free For You

You don’t have to decide now… 

Get this bundle and if you do not find it useful within 5 days or if you didn’t get enough value out of it, just send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

The total risk is on us and completely safe for you…

Instead of wondering if it helps and judging without knowing what’s inside, Why not get in and explore the materials and only decide then with the information you already have.


Yup, I want to give it to you at an unbeatable price in the market because you already are struggling to make money and price shouldn’t be a barrier to reach your dreams.

This is no-brainer compared to any other trainings out there that costs hundreds of dollars!

Who is this for?


  • If you feel weird about chasing for customers and asking for sales and not sure how to do it in a way that doesn’t feel pushy or authentic.
  • If you don’t have a lot of time or money to spend on marketing your fashion business
  • You love what you do and your fashion business is your passion that lights up you.

Who is this not for? 


  • You don’t like to take action and only like to read things. It doesn’t work for you.
  • You don’t have the self-motivation to upgrade your business
  • You have excuses for not to implement the strategies 


But won't you get these for free in google or YouTube?

Yup, you can get anything for free on internet but we both know, if that works, it should have worked by now and you should have already getting consistent sales.

It sure works. But the thing is can you afford months of searching, trial and error, endless hours and money wasted?

By this time next year, I want you to be in a place that’s better from now. Not in the same spot wondering what to do.

Time is the most valuable resource that we ever have. If you are a mom for little kids like me, you probably have very less time. If you are single, you have more time.

It’s not about how much time you got, it’s about how you use that time. You can either use that time to work towards your goal or spend that time figuring it all out hoping that may be some day you find the answers.

Listen you are super talented. You already work so hard with passion. If you are not seeing results yet, it’s not about your hard work. It’s about the strategy that is lack.

You know asking for a sale is the weirdest and the hardest part of being creative. And on the other hand, hustling to grow your business is stressful too. Let’s just end that…

Stop wasting your effort and money on things, hoping that they give results! Use that time strategically to actually move your business forward with a plan.

You Know you are not seeing the success you want…

Let me help you grow your own successful fashion Business by Getting customers every day who are excited about your designs and cannot wait to come back.

Just remember, Old ways don't open new doors!

It's time for a change on strategy to reach those dreams.


A marketing bundle that helps your get consistent traffic, Attract potential leads and Convert them into happy customers.

Fashion Empire Masterclass (Valued at $97)

21 Days Visibility and Awareness Challenge (Valued at $47)

Content Ideas Generator (Valued at $27)

Email marketing Kit (Valued at $47)

Content Marketing Kit (Valued at $47)

Content Planner (Valued at $27)

A Total Value of $̶2̶9̶2̶

You can get it for $27

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